Who Lets the Dogs Out?

Unlike other daycares, we do not have temporary, part-time staff in our daycare room. Our full-time daycare employees are certified trainers and dog walkers who have more than 40 years’ experience combined. With such a dedicated staff, your family member will be in a safe environment that encourages healthy play, while reinforcing good canine manners.

Our Top Dawg


Top Dawg

Krista has been a dog daycare addict since her first experience while in college ten years ago.  That grew into a full time management position until she and her husband relocated to New Hampshire.  She has continued working and volunteering with dogs in various capacities, including several regional daycares, since then.  She has two dogs of her own that attended work with her regularly in their younger years and contribute enormously to her belief in good dog daycares.  Many of the activities they have done together, from agility to nosework, Krista plans to incorporate into a fun, enriching daycare program for all.